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18 January 2022 - Guest articles

CSL Business Process Sign

Business trips or vacations naturally interrupt the work process. New employees arrive at the home office without access to the physical inbox. Not only documents that need to be legally signed, but also forms that are easy to visualize are thus left lying around.

In a previous blog post, we described the function of CSL Business Process Sign. Today we focus on the advantages and areas of application of the solution.

Stalled work processes

Business trips or holidays naturally interrupt the work process. Newly, employees come to work in the home office without access to the physical inbox. Not only documents that need to be legally signed, but also forms that are easy to visualise are thus left lying around

  • Application forms,
  • Expense claims,
  • Invoice releases,
  • Applications for further training or
  • Contracts that you want to have checked by a lawyer before they are legally signed.

All these processes and many more can be visualised with CSL Business Process Sign at any time and from any location. This accelerates process flows enormously and thus brings great cost advantages.

Processes across different business locations

Especially for companies with several domiciles and cross-border processes, such challenges are a big issue. For example, does a new hire always have to be approved first by the head of HR and the head of finance? These in turn are at different locations in Zurich and Geneva? Long postal routes drag out the process indefinitely. With CSL Business Process Sign, the application is visualised in seconds and the contracts for the new employee can be ready. Sign completely digitally and deliver the contract digitally for final signature on the same day.

The same applies to simple purchase contracts, which require the signature of the head of finance and the cost centre manager, or the approval of the decentralised specialist unit before they go to the finance department for payment.

Serial visa for proof of reading

Do you regularly need to prove that employees have read directives and training documents? This can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Using the serial visa, documents can be assigned to several groups of people for visa. This way, you always have an overview of who has read and approved the documents and who has not yet done so. The reminder function reminds the employee to complete open tasks.

Safety First

The data remains stored on the system environment at all times and is not uploaded to a cloud. For the qualified digital signature, only a technical hash value is required to obtain the certificate and is sent to the external partner. All customer data remains under your sovereignty at all times.

Process flow and signature in one solution

CSL Business Process Sign combines classic business process management with a signature function. The digital signature folder is the central element and after a short time it is already impossible to imagine everyday work without it.




Tino Kesseli
Head IT
CSL Corporate Services Est.


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