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Financial data services

The complexity of financial data is for ever increasing. Added to this, reporting duties are becoming ever more stringent, as are the security requirements imposed by both national and international legislators. All of this increases the time it takes to consolidate different portfolios held at various banks. This is time which will then be no longer available to you, either for providing services to your existing clients or for acquiring new clients.

Banking interface
Using our proprietary interfaces with various banks, we are able to guarantee efficient automated data processing of your consolidated financial data. Through managing this data, we ensure complete processing of your daily securities trades and other financial transactions in accordance with the highest standards

Data consolidation 
Data is transferred in consolidated form and in a standard format, which you can then transfer to your own database or portfolio management system, irrespective of the platform used. 

An intelligent reporting system will support you in managing your own clients. An overview of negative interest, withholding tax repayments or expenses accruing can be viewed with just one click.

The advantages for you

  • A detailed securities statement for your tax return 
  • A consolidated view of all banking and financial data
  • Automated quality assurance thanks to a daily market value comparison
  • Control functions of executive bodies are facilitated in relation to risk and liability, through the aid of the reporting system 
  • Cost savings thanks to outsourcing 
  • Transparent pricing
  • High quality due to standardised, non-bank-dependent classification of securities 
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Alfred Meier
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