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What are your personal needs?


  • Undertaking inheritance and estate planning well in advance

    Do you want to ensure that you make inheritance plans or plan your estate well in advance, according to your own personal wishes and in line with legal reyuirements? Do you attach importance to ensuring that your life's work is preserved over the long term and that your wealth is transferred in an orderly fashion within your own family?

    We can offer you support with long-term wealth planning across generations.

  • Protecting your wealth and prosperity across generations

    You would like to protect your wealth in an effective and simple way, preserve it and pass it on at a given time in a secure and controlled manner across generations?

    We show you how you can safeguard your assets and guarantee long-term financial security and stability for your family while enjoying high flexibility.

  • A clear overview on your finances

    Would you like to have a overall perspective on your finances at any time? What is more, to have a clear overview of your expenditure and income items as well as information on the liquidity and profitability of your business?

    We can support you with your finance and accounting, leaving you free to concentrate on your core areas of expertise.

  • Tax planning and minimising tax risks

    Do you wish to minimise tax risks and avoid any unpleasant tax surprises? Do you want to have an expert partner to clarify national and international tax matters with a view to optimising your overall tax position?

    We will be pleased to support and advise you on your tax affairs.

  • Arranging expert legal advice on your behalf

  • Investing your assets across a widely-diversified base

    What are the important elements of a successful investment? How is the market performing, what opportunities are opening up and what risks does this entail? What investment classes are the right ones for your assets?

    Put your trust in the combined expert knowledge of First Advisory Group and our partners and benefit from our experience in investment advice. Based upon your needs, we will jointly develop a bespoke investment strategy for your assets.

  • Safe custody of assets and documents

    Do you wish to store personal valuables, such as jewellery and banknotes, or important documents such as official deeds, contracts or wills, as well as data media, away from your own home?

    The solution is a safety deposit box which you can access at any time, ensuring that your personal assets are secure.

  • Professional asset management

    Are you looking for a reliable financial partner to provide you with bespoke advice and ensure that your assets are invested and managed in accordance with your expectations and wishes? Do you also want to be regularly informed as to how your assets are performing?

    We will show you how your assets are not simply managed, but also made to work efficiently on your behalf. 

  • Outsourcing your data management

    Consolidating multiple portfolios at different banks is very time-consuming due to the ever increasing volumes of data involved, statutory requirements and ever more complex financial instruments. 

    Would you like to regain more time for your own clients, and at all times to maintain an overview of your financial and banking data? We will assume the tasks of data procurement and processing your financial data via our own interfaces with the banks, and provide a consolidated summary in a standard format. Why not find out for yourself the advantages of automated data processing?

  • Centralize core and support processes in IT and the back office.

    Do you want to centralize your core and support processes in IT and the back office efficiently, cost-effectively and quickly with shared service solutions?

    Rely on the know-how and experience of our specialists. For more efficiency and quality.


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