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27 February 2023 - About us

Six months after the apprenticeship

After four years of vocational training, we talk to Albin Rizanaj, Junior IT Supporter, about his motives, tasks in the team and whether, looking back, his decision to stay was the right one.

Albin, this summer you passed your final apprenticeship examination to become an EFZ computer scientist specialising in systems technology. Was the decision to do this training the right one after the fact?

Yes, I think it is definitely the right profession for me. I have no regrets! After your apprenticeship, you decided to stay at CSL. What were the reasons? After four years of vocational training, you build up a bond with the company, in my opinion. I know all the employees, they all know me. I feel comfortable here. The systems, the way of working and the processes are also familiar to me. So why not continue on the successful path?

So, in retrospect, was staying with CSL the right decision?

Yes, definitely.

What are your tasks in the team?

I am in the DCS-WCS team, i.e. in the area of data centre and Windows client. My tasks have changed minimally since I finished my apprenticeship, because I already had a lot to do with the current systems during my apprenticeship. What's added, of course, is more responsibility. Roughly speaking, my tasks are more in the client area.

How were you integrated into the team after the apprenticeship? Has your relationship with your colleagues changed?

The relationship has changed a little, yes. Not in a negative sense, but rather in a positive sense. The colleagues have more trust in me and so I have the chance to continue to improve and prove myself. Of course, more is demanded. For me, this is a motivation to develop further.

What fascinates you most about your tasks? Which product is your personal favourite?

My personal favourites are: VMware Horizon and IgelOS. Both products together result in exactly what my favourite direction in IT is, virtualisation. Especially the VMware Horizon. This is by far the product I enjoy the most. Virtualisation will never stop developing. So there are more opportunities for me.

Do you miss the variety of school days in your professional life?

I would say yes. It was great to meet with colleagues at the vocational school once or twice a week and exchange experiences and prospective projects. After completing the apprenticeship, it became more difficult to meet, because most of them have taken new paths. They always say "you never stop learning".

Do you already have plans for your next training?

Yes, I would like to do a further training course in VMware Horizon, as well as in storage and backups. I have two colleagues who have a lot of knowledge in this area.

Where do you see yourself in two years? What are your goals?

I want to expand my knowledge of virtualisation and find more and more ways to improve it and continue to support CSL as much as possible. Who knows, maybe there will be a dedicated Modern Workplace team internally at some point.


Dear Albin, thank you very much for your open words. We look forward to continuing to implement new solutions with you in the future.

Tino Kesseli
Head IT
CSL Corporate Services Est.


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