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20 October 2020 - Know-how

Your digital signature folder

We all know about them – the good old signature folders! Used for signatures in written correspondence with government departments, banks and customers or just as validation for in-house applications and forms. Afer printing, the documents are sorted and then circulated in house using the signature folder. It’s all part of the day’s work to know exactly where a docuument is located or which documents have not yet come back to us. Holiday absences, business trips or – to choose a currently topical example – the home office system - will all lead to delays in circulation. However, such hitches can now be a thing of the past using the digital signature folder.

CSLsign is a digital signature folder providing a straightforward means of initialling documents as required or applying qualifed signatures to them, electronically. This is a form of signature which is regarded as being as valid as a physical signature. It provides a means for every individual person who is involved in the procedure to see where the document is at any particular time and which signatures have already been applied.

What distinguishes this solution from other providers?

CSLsign is based on a process platform. In a few simple steps, depending on the document type, you can defne the routes which will ensure standard cycles via the in-house organisational structure. What this specifcally means, for example, is that an application for further training- after it has been uploaded by the employee - frst has to be validated by the supervisor and then by the Finance and Human Resources departments. After each signature, the system automatically places the document in the correct signature folder and notifes the relevant individuals. Any overdue documents will be detected automatically and appropriate warnings will be activated. Once all of the necessary validations are in place, the employee will receive the document with a message in confrmation in his mailbox.

There is an even better beneft in the case of business documents which have to be signed electronically by a person with adequate authority. Contrary to many other solutions, our documents do not have to be uploaded into a cloud but just one technical hash value is computed and is then sent to the partner for the certificate request. The document itself never leaves the customer’s system environment and remains under the originator’s control at all times. For this type of signature, reliable two-factor authentication is used, via the employee’s smart phone.

Is it possible to defne the potential savings using this solution?

We assume that, using CSLsign, per signature, over the whole document pro-cess, four minutes are saved, and this, at a prime-cost rate of CHF 120, yields a saving of CHF 8 for each set of initials or signature. In a case example of a company with 150 employees, where each employee initials or signs two documents per day, for 220 working days per year, this yields a saving of 4,400 working hours, totalling CHF 528,000. These costs can be largely eliminated. However, CSLsign not only reduces process costs and not only saves on printing and dispatch; it also ensures that process fows are uniformly structured and adhered to.

Is this solution also available on a mobile basis?

The solution is web-based and is therefore also available on a mobile basis. In this way, the Company’s directive determines where and with what appliances the solution can be accessed.

Are there any further advantages?

The solution can be expanded as desired. For example, a document can – after signing – be automatically fled in the electronic folder or handed on to a downstream process for further actioning. A further application in a procedure relating to expenses could be for copies to be forwarded directly to Finance, and copied into Financial Accounting. The possibilities are unlimited.

What is the level of customer acceptance?

From the outset, this solution met with widespread acceptance, due to the straightforward electronic display of the universally familiar signature folder. The fact of how people’s in-house processes are simplifed at a stroke ensures that the solution will be regarded as a convenient option both by users and by decision-makers.

The advantages of the system, in particular the possibility of access wherever you are, have proven most popular for people working from home or on business trips.  Physical initialling and signatures that involved waiting for several days or even a week or more are now a thing of the past.


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Tino Kesseli
Head IT
CSL Corporate Services Est.


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