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Between a football jersey and a suit and tie
Ever since I was a child I have dreamt of becoming a professional footballer. And I have indeed realised this dream. But what comes next? How should my life look after my career in football? I have been engaging with this question for a while already. And so I have decided to add another string to my bow in addition to football, and enter the world of white-collar professionals. This article relates how I manage to accommodate football, my internship and studying under one umbrella.
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From: Sandro Wieser
26 March 2021
- Know-how
Major overhaul of the Act establishing a Register of Beneficial Owners of Domestic Legal Entities
The 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive sets out extended obligations in terms of content and transparency of registers of beneficial owners through a modification of Articles 30 and 31. In addition, within the framework of implementation of the Act currently in force, weak points have been identified which are being remedied through adjustment to the law.
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From: Pascal Eggenberger
17 March 2021
- Know-how
Wealth preservation and estate planning in times of the coronavirus pandemic
Generally speaking, the term 'wealth preservation' means the protection of wealth against any erosion which may result from external developments and undesired events, such as liability claims of creditors.
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From: Ralph Thiede, Ulrich Stertkamp
11 February 2021
- Guest articles
Fin-Tech meets Wealth-Tech
Are you an investment controller, tax advisor, securities accountant, fnancial accountant, trustee, bank, insurance company, pension fund, wealth manager, family offe, PM-tool provider or quite simply a business wishing to have a control over your international payment fows and securities portfolios? Find out here how we have succeeded in simplifying your daily routine tasks, whilst at the same time equipping you for the future.
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From: Reto Casutt
13 January 2021
- Know-how
Succession planning for Swiss private real estate
As part of their succession planning, a growing number of Swiss clients are seeking the efficient structuring of their indivisible assets, i.e. private real estate. In this regard, the legal system in Switzerland offers various contractual options or solutions under company law. For instance, the use of property companies combined with shareholder agreements is a possible solution. However, the use of such property companies in Switzerland can be complicated and often only provides a partial solution to the succession planning issues.
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From: Ralph Thiede, Peter Grüter
12 November 2020
- Know-how
Your digital signature folder
We all know about them – the good old signature folders! Used for signatures in written correspondence with government departments, banks and customers or just as validation for in-house applications and forms. Afer printing, the documents are sorted and then circulated in house using the signature folder. It’s all part of the day’s work to know exactly where a docuument is located or which documents have not yet come back to us. Holiday absences, business trips or – to choose a currently topical example – the home office system - will all lead to delays in circulation. However, such hitches can now be a thing of the past using the digital signature folder.
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From: Tino Kesseli
20 October 2020


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